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BMW chauffeur car is known for its sporty handling, but in recent years, the competition has started to provide vehicles that are more to consumers’ liking. To combat this trend, BMW chauffeur car offers the 2011 7 Series in more varieties than ever. The 2011 BMW chauffeur car 740 model joins the lineup and provides a six-cylinder engine, a rarity among BMW chauffeur car’s flagship models. The ActiveHybrid 750 also joins the family, providing better gas mileage than any other 7-Series in history. Read on to see how the 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7 Series performed on our road test.

Safety and Specifications

The 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7-Series is at too high of a price point for car insurance and government crash testing, but it is replete with car safety equipment. Standard safety features include run-flat tires, adaptive brake lights, steerable adaptive bi-xenon headlights, antilock brakes with brake assist, traction and stability control, and a full complement of airbags. The specs of the 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7 Series are as follows:

  • Car pricing: $70,150 - $106,200 MSRP; $64,720 - $97,885 invoice
  • Fuel economy: 15/22 mpg city/highway on standard 750 model; estimated 17/25 mpg for ActiveHybrid 7
  • Engine: 3.0-liter, 315-horsepower twin turbo inline six-cylinder on 740 models; ActiveHybrid 7 has 4.4-liter, 440-horsepower twin-turbo V8 plus 20-horsepower electric motor; standard 750 model has same 4.4-liter V8 without electric motor
  • Acceleration: 0 to 60 time for ActiveHybrid 7 is 4.8 seconds; 750i time 5.1 seconds; 740 time 5.9 seconds
  • Competitors: Lexus LS, Lexus LS Hybrid, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Warranty: four-year/50,000 mile basic, powertrain, and free maintenance warranties; four years roadside assistance; twelve years corrosion control
Exterior Features

BMW chauffeur car made no changes to the outside design of the 2011 7 Series. In photos of the 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7 Series, you will see a handsome sedan with a muscular front and strong creases, a design almost universally praised in car reviews. Both of the new models, the 740 and the ActiveHybrid 7, look exactly like the standard 750 model. The ActiveHybrid 7 does have a few inconspicuous hybrid badges but nothing more. New standard features on the 2011 BMW chauffeur car 750 include Comfort Access keyless entry and a power trunklid. Standard exterior features include 18-inch alloy wheels, Park Distance control, bi-xenon headlights, and rain-sensing wipers. The 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7-Series is available as the 740i, 740Li, 750i, 750Li, and ActiveHybrid 7. The “Li” models have extended wheelbases.

Interior Features

Nothing has changed on the inside of the 2011 BMW chauffeur car 7 Series either. The standard model is spectacularly well-equipped, with standard features like four-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, Bluetooth, an iDrive system, 10-speaker surround-sound system, and a voice-activated hard-drive-based navigation system. The seats provide plenty of leg room in both the front and the back. The longer models use the additional length to increase the amount of legroom for rear passengers. Chairs instead of bench seating are available as an option, increasing the comfort but reducing the capacity of the backseat from three passengers to two.


As in previous years, the standard 7 Series come with its oft-praised 4.4-liter, 440-hp twin-turbo V8. The big news for 2011, however, is the availability of the first six-cylinder engine in a 7-Series since 1992. The six-cylinder offers 315 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift control. Only the ActiveHybrid 7 has a different transmission—an eight-speed automatic transmission that auto reviews say is well-matched to the hybrid’s engine. Critics describe the 7 Series’ handling as athletic and the ride as a tad on the firm side. Thanks to BMW chauffeur car’s high-tech regenerative braking system, stopping power is superb.

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